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Quality Impact Monitor Philosophy of economics

Many activities, many organizations aim at the realization of qualities. A theatre company wants to realize great theatre, Green Peace wants to contribute to a sustainable world, a socially responsible business wants to do good. But how to determine that they all actually realized their goals, that they have a noticeable impact on the quality for which they are aiming?  People of the organizations themselves would like to know and so do their (financial) supporters. But we do not have good measures to determine quality. We fall back on unsatisfactory derivatives such as numbers of visitors, positive reviews and...

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Value based approach Philosophy of economics

I am developing this approach in Doing the Right Thing. Earlier I spoke of the cultural economic perspective but the value-based approach turned out to stick better. It is an approach to economics based on values; it starts from the premise that economic life is about the realization of values.

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Doing the right thing Philosophy of economics

This is a manuscript on which I have been working for the last few years. I am trying to formulate a value based approach to economics. This will generate several new insights such as the notion of shared goods, the realization of values in different spheres, and the reinterpretation of concepts like richness and poverty.  It makes for a substantive approach to life rather than the instrumentalist approach that currently prevails. I have been applying this approach in all kinds of situations in the professional and cultural world and would dare to claim that the value based approach is...

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The practice of economics Philosophy of economics

Aiming High Economische mythes ontzenuwen a.u.b. En andere economie vraagt om andere maatstaven Pas op voor marktretoriek”: Een kwestie van kiezen Review of Engendering Economics: Conversations with Women Economists in the United States” by Paulette J. Olson and Zohreh Emami Tenslotte: laatste column voor de gpd bladen

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Economics, morals, values Philosophy of economics

A Reevaluation of Values in Economics, Society and Economy Bij leiderschap horen visie en creativiteit De compassie van De morele economie van bezit Moreel eigendom Economie gaat over moraal Een argument tegen de verkoop van energiebedrijven Handelen vanuit overtuiging Klamer over liefde, en over morele boekhouding Overvloed en onbehagen: Pleidooi voor een huiselijke economie: Dit is een bewerkte selectie uit In Hemelsnaam! Over de economie van overvloed en onbehagen

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Conversation/rhetoric Philosophy of economics

Borders Matter Borders Matter (Part 2) On the conversation and rhetoric of economics

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