PhD students

Working with PhD students on their projects has been a source of great satisfaction and inspiration to me. Each project is different. And because the students come from all over the world, the projects take me all over the world, too. It is in conversation with the PhD students that I have developed most of my ideas. Most of my PhD students continue in the academia. Six of them have made it to full professor. Currently I am supervising 14 PhD projects.

Ferial Saatchi Current students

Her research centers around the philosophical dimension of ‘being at home’ in a pluralistic society. The main question she deals with is how a nation state can become ‘vital’ and just at the same time. The concept of vitality is derived from the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche, while the concept of justice is extracted from Jacques Derrida’s deconstructive philosophy. These two concepts are often presented as being mutually exclusive, in the sense that righteous action towards ‘the other’ is considered detrimental for the vitality of a society. Through these philosophers she criticizes the conservative notions of cultural identity and the self, which leads to a society of oppression and distrust. She aims to substitute these fixed notions of identity by a dynamic conception of the self which presupposes a strong and sovereign individual. This PhD examines an alternative notion of a ‘strong’ self which does not lead to conservatism nor to nihilism.


Ferial Saatchi holds an MA in Philosophy and a BA in Theatre studies at the University of Amsterdam. She won the NBN- Rabobank Thesis Award 2015 for her master thesis. In this thesis she developed a normative orientation for a postmodern context. This project forms the basis for her PhD in dealing with questions about cultural identity and justice.

Karthik Raghavan Current students
Ana Marques Current students
Blaz Remic Current students
Edward Maatjes Current students
Peter Booth PhD graduates
Sofia patat Current students
Janny Bakker Current students
Ahmad Mansur Current students
Bente spigt Current students

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