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Quality Impact Monitor

Many activities, many organizations aim at the realization of qualities. A theatre company wants to realize great theatre, Green Peace wants to contribute to a sustainable world, a socially responsible business wants to do good. But how to determine that they all actually realized their goals, that they have a noticeable impact on the quality for which they are aiming?  People of the organizations themselves would like to know and so do their (financial) supporters. But we do not have good measures to determine quality. We fall back on unsatisfactory derivatives such as numbers of visitors, positive reviews and the like. The problem is, of course, that quality is not to be captured in numbers. The Quality Impact monitor is an instrument to monitor the impact of activities on quality. It is value based and makes use of perceptions and valuations of the stake-holders. At this point still in a pioneering state, it hopes to be an answer to questions of many.