De Euro Valt! En wat dan?

New Book

BookEUROAt the end of April my latest book will be launched, called: “De Euro valt! En wat dan?” [The Euro falls! And then what?] Although politicians and financial executives can naturally not afford to say that the end of the euro is near, I am convinced that the Euro cannot be saved. The financial crisis is not the reason why the euro has come into trouble; the basic problem is that the European Union is not a  full political union and therefore there is no cohesive European community.  With this book I make clear that the fall of the euro offers the chance for a constructive alternative: a monetary system that is much better suited to today's dynamic and flexible global economy. More information on the book itself and the release date will follow soon!

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Arjo Klamer was 1 mei jongsleden te gast bij BNR Nieuwsradio gepresenteerd door Paul van Liempt, om te vertellen over zijn nieuwe boek: “De euro valt! En wat dan?”  Beluister het radio interview via een van de onderstaande links: Link 1, Link 2


Arjo Klamer was a guest at BNR Newsradio presented by Paul van Liempt, to talk about his new book: "The euro is falls! And then what? ". Listen to the radio interview (in Dutch) via one of the links below: Link 1, Link 2